Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to contribute

You can help right away by:

  1. Sharing the campaign content (posters, videos etc.) on social media.
  2. Printing the posters and bringing them to demonstrations.
  3. Printing a poster and delivering it to a member of its target group (e.g. a newspaper or a trade union).
  4. Starting a dialogue or debate around the recommendations for one of the campaigns target groups.

And don’t hesitate to contact us with any feedback, ideas or advice.

Would you like to participate in running the campaign? Then please jump to the next question.

There are many tasks to be carried out, and we need many different skills. You can join the campaign team by sending us a message (see contact page) writing a bit about yourself, your background, how you would like to contribute, or other information that you find relevant.

Bear with us if we do not answer right away. We all have busy lives with family, work and more, but we will definitely get back to you.

About the #AllForClimate Campaign

Our vision is a future in which we have prevented a climate catastrophe with unmanageable consequences for humanity, and at the same time have created a society that ensures good living conditions for all people, across borders and generations.

According to the UN’s IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the climate crisis requires “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented change in all parts of society”. We are convinced that the transition can only succeed, if we redefine what living well means, and create an economy that does not depend on growth.

The campaign mission is to urge and pressure all actors in society to take on the task of bringing about the radical change in our society and way of living that is necessary to prevent a climate catastrophe and ensure good living conditions for everyone within the limits of the planet.

Too many have been waiting too long for others to solve the problem. But all actors in society have important roles to play in the transition ahead. In order to get there in time, all of us, individuals and organisations, need to become activists now. This is the core of the #AllForClimate campaign. 

The campaign consists of a series of simple posters. Each poster is aimed at one target group, e.g. the media, with seven recommendations describing how this particular target group can facilitate the green transition.

The posters will be released one by one, roughly every two months, starting from the 11th of October 2021. They can then be easily shared online as well as in print.

The campaign can continue and develop indefinitely with new recommendations for new target groups.

We want all actors in society to realise the need for their active participation in the enormous task of change that lies ahead of us. We want everyone to transition from being passively concerned about the climate to becoming climate activists.

With the seven concrete recommendations for the different target groups we want to start the debate about what each societal actor should contribute with and commit to, so that the green transition can succeed.

The #AllForClimate campaign was originally started by a small group of committed citizens and is now supported by researchers, economists and NGOs from several countries.

The campaign is intended as “open source”; we invite everyone to use and share the #AllForClimate recommendations and posters, and also to develop and share their own variations or to develop recommendations for new target groups. In other words, the campaign is not ours – it belongs to everyone.

The first posters with recommendations will be for the following target groups:

  • Media
  • Trade unions
  • Citizens
  • Politicians
  • Businesses
We will then continue to develop recommendations for new target groups. Feel free to contact us if you have ideas for target groups that are particularly relevant or input regarding what should be included in the recommendations.